Why Home Studio?

Most people in Singapore are rather skeptical about the idea of visiting a home studio. Will the hairdresser make me bend over in the bathroom to get my hair wash? Will it be awkward for me to invade into her private space? These are the questions that I often get.

With the new Katherine home studio, I set out to not only disrupt this mindset but also raising the bar higher.

Each and every corner, carefully curated, tells a different story. From charming Peranakan to cosy American 50s to chic street style to classy Victorian to cryptic Moroccan and to clean monochrome, all harmoniously sharing the same space.

In the private one chair studio, client will be accompanied by a lush green view with the balcony literally by their side. Get ready to be pampered by state-of-the-art massage washing chair and some of the best hair treatments in the market.

Most importantly, clients can relax and enjoy my undivided attention as I attend to only one client at a time.


What is Signature Haircut?

The uniqueness of my signature haircut lies in the way I create texture without the use of texturising scissors (which most hair stylists use to ‘thin’ hair). My haircut allows hair to flow and fall naturally, allowing easy daily maintenance. Subsequently, your hair grows out nicely, retaining its shape.

The introduction of this technique in 2008 was a turning point in my career where I saw myself being able to differentiate myself from my peers. The technique won me loyal clientele, most of whom still come to me.

What is your styling approach?

I believe it is very much like building a house. We begin by building a strong foundation, followed by structure, and end with decorative touches. Only by such an approach can we achieve lasting shape in a haircut. This ensures a consistent grow-out.

How do you define a good haircut?

A good haircut is your best accessory. It should accentuate your features, brighten your face, not bog it down with inconsistent volume and bad layering. You wear it, not the other way around.

What kind of experience can clients expect from you?

For first time clients, I prefer to spend some time in understanding more about your lifestyle, haircare routine and preferred style direction. It is important to ask the right questions and more importantly, to listen. This process is to help me find the sweet spot between what you want versus what really works for you. Consultation is complimentary so everyone’s welcome for a chat!

CURLICUE PERM : Ornamental, fancy curls or twists as in a signature

What is Curlicue Curls?

Curlicue curls is a unique way of creating semi-permanent waves, which I have personally been developing since 2013. It is a combination of my signature haircut and my customised way of curling hair which adds volume and movement to enhance the shape of your haircut.

How does it works?

Curlicue curls is not a one-size-fit-all technique. Size of perming rods, methods of winding hair into the rods and placement depends entirely on your hair type and desired style. Most importantly, after discussing with you about your preference, I will then tailor an approach accordingly.

How long does it last?

Depending on individual’s hair texture, generally 4-6 months.

Is it damaging to the hair?

No, because your hair is protected by the perming gel I use, which is a semi-permanent solution. That means that the treatment only penetrates as far as the hair cortex and not into the medulla, which is the core of the hair.

What is the difference between Curlicue curls and other kind of perm?

Perms are generally divided into two main categories; cold perm and hot perm. The conventional cold perm, uses penetrative (chemical penetrates to medulla) perming chemicals, which can result in curls that are too curly and frizzy (think Annie). Digital perm is an example of a hot perm. It also uses penetrative chemicals as well as high heat (120-180 degree celsius) to permanently “set” hair. A combination of these two is a surefire way to damaged hair.


What is your philosophy towards colouring?

My philosophy towards colouring places importance on the health of your hair. I do not believe in over-processing in order to achieve a fancy colour, because damaged hair equates ugly hair, period.

Can I achieve fancy colour without damaging my hair?

It is possible to achieve fancy colours like blond, ash, pearl, etc, with only minimal damage. However, it is important to explain that it usually requires more than 1 sitting, especially with Asian hair. Simply put, there are lots of natural red, orange and yellow pigments in Asian hair and without removing them, most cool hues are unachievable. Equally important is a set of strict home care and styling routine in order to maintain the colour and condition of your hair. Conclusion: fancy hair colour is not for the faint hearted!.

How do you approach highlights?

I focus more on colour placement rather than adding colours for the sake of It. By studying your skin tone carefully and choosing the colour which flatters the most, the highlights are more likely to blend in beautifully as your hair grows. Most of my clients only highlight their hair 2-3 times per year. My method saves you the time, hassle, money and most importantly, preserves the health of your hair.