Aditi Madhok-Naarden

Business Leader – Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition, Management & Development (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa)


Katherine Tan is the best hairdresser I have found in Singapore. After I moved to the island from London a couple of years ago, I tried the typical known names but, it was only after I was referred to Katherine, did I, finally, find someone who could do my hair without making it look “done”. Katherine’s talent is to bring out the best in someone’s mane naturally and she doesn’t just stop at hair; she can be relied on to tell me when I need to put on some make-up – in fact, she has even given me her own ‘Chanel’ lip gloss when she felt that I could do with some! She is the only person I would trust with my hair in Singapore and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Alli Teal
Founder of Merci Encore


I enjoy working with Katherine not just because of her skills in cutting, styling & colouring which she has in spades (I still think she’s the best colorist I’ve ever had), but for her professional & dedicated approach to everything. Even as a long time client, my hair is assed at the beginning of every session & she’s always focused on delivering a custom approach to what makes her clients look & feel good, even as their needs change & adapt. I like many clients, have full trust & confidence that a visit to Katherine is a change for the better when hair is concerned.

Kelly Latimer
Host & Vocal Talent


It’s hard to trust someone. It’s even harder to trust someone with your hair! Lucky for me, this isn’t a problem. Katherine has been taming and toying with my locks for several years now. She understands the stress my hair faces with constant styling and helps me keep it in the best condition possible, with minimal fuss. Her eye for trends, balanced with her knowledge of
hair care, means that I walk out of her salon with a smile and a fab do. Her transition from a large salon to a self-run studio has worked in her favour. Her home-based salon is comfortable, chic and centrally located. She is the only stylist I will recommend to anyone and everyone when they’re looking for a new hairdresser.

Amelia Chia
Editor-in-Chief at Buro 24/7


Katherine is one of those gems that you want to only tell your close friends about. She is professional, dedicated to her craft, and so good at what she does. She’s able to turn my mop of hair into an amazing style that withstands Singapore’s humid weather. I also love that she’s honest, and never recommends any things she doesn’t believe in just to make extra dollars. If she says I don’t need it, I truly don’t need it. I’ve recommended a bunch of my friends to her, and we have all been very pleased. She’s the only hairstylist I trust with my hair and that I’ve been to in the last 8 years, and I think that says a lot about her.

Luann Alphonso
Managing Editor at Lifestyleasia


Katherine has given me a look that has lasted 8 years and is now my signature look. Regardless if I’m blonde or natural.